AZ-tel offers International A to Z termination at very competitive rates. Browse our wholesale rates below (showing 20% discount off retail which requires minimum purchase amount).


Direct route selling table

AZ-tel is an international carrier for voice traffic with over 70 interconnects across the world, and specializing in Asian and other developing countries. We boast our portfolio of niche destinations with strong relationships that enable us to get the best quality route for you at very competitive rates. Our services are available to both wholesale and retail carriers across the world.

We carry over 50 millions of minutes a month through our fully redundant wholesale carrier network, based on Next one platform, offering robust quality and unmatched ASR.

Our wholesale VoIP carrier network offers you scalability in terms of capacity and destinations. Wholesale services offered by AZ-tel equally suits carriers seeking multiple DS3 capacity as well as smaller carriers seeking a reliable A - Z wholesale routing partner.